William Ruto gestures during a church service at Methodist Church Kitengela

Ruto Brings Kitengela to a Standstill, Tells Deep State to Bring it On

Deputy President William Ruto brought Kitengela town to a stand still as he continued his ‘hustler gospel’ campaign trail.

Flanked by two dozen lawmakers, an emboldened Ruto stormed into Kitengela as a mammoth crowd cheered on excitement.

Ruto told off the deep state and the system, saying that he was prepared and ready to face them in 2022.

William Ruto addressing wananchi at Kitengela, Kajaido County.
William Ruto addressing wananchi at Kitengela, Kajaido County. Image/Twitter

“”Threats and intimidations will not deter my quest for the top seat. I am ready to face the ‘deep state.’ They have the deep state and the system, we have God and wananchi,” Ruto said to a thunderous reception.

During the church service, Ruto prevailed upon leaders to be at the forefront preaching peace and unity for the sake of a prosperous Kenya.

“Leaders should preach peace, be at the forefront in forging cohesion and focused on serving the people.” He further said.

While decrying the vast effects of the covid-19 pandemic in the country, Ruto said it was time leaders worked towards finding solutions to alleviate poverty and unemployment.

On the path to economic recovery, the DP said: “The Coronavirus has inflicted a lot of suffering to the people. The priority now is for leaders to work together and focus on addressing the sticky challenges of poverty and unemployment besides facilitating the recovery of the economy.”

During the Kitengala church function, Mt. Kenya and Ukambani leaders pledged to throw their weight behind the DP who is facing off with a rejuvenated former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who was at the Coast on a campaign trail.

Ruto during a prayer session at Kitengela Methodist Church.
Ruto during a prayer session at Kitengela Methodist Church. Image/Twitter

Ruto was accompanied by Senator Mary Seneta and 21 legislators for a prayer service at the Kitengela Methodist Church and the ordination of Pastor Gabriel Riamet of the Free Pentecostal Baraka Church.

Kitengela’s visit came on the backdrop of furious calls from Ruto’s opponents to apologize to the president and the first family on behalf of Jubilee Mps Oscar Sudi and Johanna Ng’eno for uttering slur against the head of state and his mother Mama Ngina.



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