Ruto dares his haters to face him

Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has now termed trials and using of the Criminal Justice System to what he said to perpetuate certain political agenda as criminal itself. The second head of state warned public officers doing the same and asked them to face instead.

Speaking on Sunday during church service at Catholic Church Uganda Martyrs Kibirichia Parish, Buuri in Meru County, Ruto claimed that leaders in Kenya today ranging from Governors to Members of County Assembly(MCAs) are being treated to intimidation, blackmail and threats over their political affiliations. He wondered when Kenya sink that low

“These public servants in our offices should work in accordance with what their job descriptions are. They should not be using the Criminal Justice System to try and achieve a political end to intimidate, blackmail and threaten people that this will happen and that will happen, ” Ruto warned

The self-proclaimed Hustler went ahead to say since he is Deputy of President of Kenya dually elected, he has no apologies to make to anybody. He dared those public servants using intimidations to face him instead.

“I want to tell those public officers using those offices that soon and very soon we will call them out. They must stop the nonsense they are engaged in, of making telephone calls to people, to leaders, blackmailing people left right and centre. If they are men enough them come forward and face me.” Ruto dared them

Ruto’s statements come after being cornered over the death of his guard Kipyegon Kenei. His death resolve around 39 billion fake firearms scandal where former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa is in centre of everything.

Ruto had on Saturday claimed that Director of Criminal Invetigatios(DCI) is being used for political reasons to down him. He said that there is a scheme by the system that he won’t be there soon making his allies to fire warning shots at President Uhuru.

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