Ruto is extremely generous but he will not become president come 2022 maybe some other time-Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has said Deputy President Dr.William is a generous person but will not become the president of Kenya come 2022.

Speaking on Sunday night during the Punchline show at K24,the analyst admitted that the second in command was indeed a generous man.

He further said it will be difficult for the second in command to ascend into power come 2022 since Kikuyu were already showing some signs of betraying him.

“Mutahi Ngunyi: Ruto is my friend, extremely generous…When you see these Kikuyu MPs around him, its because he is generous. But as I have said, you can hire a Kikuyu but you can never buy one. He will not become President in 2022 but one day he will become President,”Ngunyi stated at the interview.

Kikuyu people has the highest population as indicated by census report recently released,thus if Kikuyu and Kalenjin who have the second highest population team up together to support Ruto then he will easily win the presidency.

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