Ruto’s Answers Back Raila on BBI Reggae in Kisii

Deputy President William Ruto has answered back former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on the commencement of BBI reggae in the country.

Ruto, who was speaking during Mahujaa Day Celebrations in Kisii indirectly rubbished Odinga’s remarks on how the second commencement will take the country by storm.

The second in command insisted on the need to wait for the report to be made public, have a robust national conversation before deciding on the way forward. He insisted on the need for a report that will bring all Kenyans on board.

“My friend the former Prime Minister has told us about the #BBI reggae which is fine, but I guess we will have a robust national conversation that will bring everybody on board.” – DP William Ruto

He was replying to remarks made by Raila while addressing the nation during the celebrations.

While acknowledging the fact that BBI’s reggae was started in Kisii stadium, Raila insisted on the need to change the direction the country had taken for over 56 years.

Raila communicated that it was high time for Kenya to re-look at what has been missing and implement it through BBI to move forward as envisioned by the country’s founding fathers.

Raila urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to give Kenyans a direction to follow in the second wave of BBI, adding that nobody will stop reggae.

“BBI reggae was launched here, from here, the BBI train moved to Kakamega, all the way to Meru. When we were going to Nakuru, shetani ikaanguka kutoka juu, reggae ikaenda half time. Half time imeisha sasa, nobody can stop reggae,” stated Raila.

This comes at a time the BBI has spurred divisions within the ruling Jubilee party. Deputy President William Ruto’s camp is already warming up to oppose the report which they have said is aimed at creating political positions for some few individuals in the country.

President Uhuru met the house leadership on Saturday in what was seems as preparing the ground for the report which is yet to be handed over to the two by the Haji led committee.

On his part, ANC party leader Musalia MUdavadi has asked Kenyans to be keen on the report before making any bold decisions.

Musalia’s close ally Lugari MP Ayub Savula has already poured cold water on the report, saying it is coming at the wrong time when the country is trying to recover from the covid-19 pandemic.

“We are left with less than two years before the next general elections…we are not sure if our economy and resources will sustain both referendum and the general elections because the two need a huge amount of money,” stated Savula.



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