President Kenyatta with religious leaders

Ruto’s Way! Uhuru Hosts Pastors and Religious Leaders at State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday, September 25, 2020 hosted religious leaders at State House for a joint prayer meeting.

During the meeting, Kenyatta encouraged religious leaders to speak consistently and openly in condemnation of the vices slowing down Kenya’s progress.

The President said it is only through the active participation of all Kenyans including religious leaders that the country will be able to defeat challenges such as corruption that are a hindrance to the country’s development.

President Uhuru Kenyatta played host to religious leaders at State House Nairobi
President Uhuru Kenyatta played host to religious leaders at State House Nairobi. Image/State House

“Speak boldly against all the vices that are holding our nation back. Our job for building this nation is a shared responsibility; we are serving the same people. We deliver on the physical wellness of all the citizens, as you nourish their souls and spirit,” the Head of State said.

He added: “The leadership of the church in the anti-corruption fight is highly appreciated. But, there is still room for more action from the church, it is an all of society fight, not one for the government alone”.

At the same meeting, the Head of State and the religious leaders agreed to host national prayers on Saturday, 10th October 2020 to, among other national issues, pray for the country’s battle with Covid-19.

On politics, the President advised religious leaders who were led by Archbishop Anthony Muheria, the Chairperson of the Interfaith Council on Covid-19, to continue feeding Kenyans with messages of hope and to remain non-partisan.

Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta played host to religious leaders at State House Nairobi. Image/State House

“In matters political, I know the church remains above politics. But we all have a duty to help our people to know that we cannot be a nation whose sole obsession is politics–all year, every year, year in year out.

“I call upon the church to be the voice of reason and to foster messages of hope for the wellness of the Nation. We need you as our religious leaders to be non-partisan, and persons who help heal divides,” the Head of State said.

The President assured the leaders that the Government will continue partnering with religious institutions in the delivery of public services such as education and healthcare.

He urged religious leaders to shepherd Kenyans in building “bridges of unity between brothers and sisters, within families and communities” and said he looks forward to more meetings with the leaders who pledged their continued support for the President’s agenda to unite and develop the country.


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