Safaricom PLC will have a system maintenance

Safaricom Unveils 500MB Daily Bonus Data for its Customers

Giant Teleco Safaricom is giving its customers a reason to smile after unveiling a 500MB free daily data as a bonus for those who buy no-expiry data bundles.

The new campaign called ‘Browse Bila Waas’will run until November 19 for both PrePay and PostPay customers.

The competitive data market has forced Safaricom to up its game as other companies fight for a bigger market share.

The 500MB is unlocked by dialing *544# then choosing option ‘o’ and is valid until midnight of the day of purchase.

While unveiling the campaign, CEO Peter Ndegwa noted that many customers are moving to the internet platform and it is only reasonable to offer them competitive data plans to give them enjoyable browsing experiences.

“Our ambition is to connect our customers to the opportunities presented by the internet by availing affordable data, expanding our 4G network and facilitating access to quality smartphones,” said the CEO.

Safaricom boasts of being the best 4G network provider in the country, and as such strives to give its customers more data for less.

“The new data offer goes back to our promise to always provide our customers with more for less on Kenya’s best 4G network.” continued the CEO who began his tenure in June following the death of former boss

Recently, Safaricom unveiled the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo program that seeks to upgrade more than a million customers into the 4G smartphone market.

The program in partnership with Google allows customers to pay 20 shillings per day for the Neon Plus 4G smartphones.

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