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Second Coronavirus Vaccine Showing 95% Protection Unveiled

Days after Pfizer, AH oh covid-19 vaccine showed great potential of protecting against the deadly virus – another vaccine has been given the green light as up to 95 % effective.

The vaccine developed by US company Moderna has shown great potential and researchers are very confident of its results.

Moderna says it is a “great day” and they plan to apply for approval to use the vaccine in the next few weeks.

While the company says their early data and key questions remain unanswered, they are confident they will get approval from FDA.

According to BBC News, Moderna carried out a trial of 30,000 people in the US with half being given two doses of the vaccine, four weeks apart.

covid-19 vaccine
Moderna Covid vaccine shows nearly 95% protection. Image/Courtesy

The other half had dummy injections.

The analysed results were based on the first 95 to develop Covid-19 symptoms.

Only five of the Covid cases were in people given the vaccine, 90 were in those given the dummy treatment. The company says the vaccine is protecting 94.5% of people.

The data also shows there were 11 cases of severe Covid in the trial, but none happened in people who were immunised.

“The overall effectiveness has been remarkable… it’s a great day,” Tal Zaks, the chief medical officer at Moderna, told BBC News.

Dr Stephen Hoge, the company’s president, said he “grinned ear to ear for a minute” when the results came in.

He told BBC News: “I don’t think any of us really hoped that the vaccine would be 94% effective at preventing Covid-19 disease that was really a stunning realisation.”

Moderna says it will apply to regulators in the US in the coming weeks. It expects to have 20 million doses available in the country.

The company hopes to have up to one billion doses available for use around the world next year and is planning to seek approval in other countries too.

Moderna has developed an “RNA vaccine” – it means part of the coronavirus’s genetic code is injected into the body.

This starts making viral proteins, but not the whole virus, which is enough to train the immune system to attack.

It should train the body to make both antibodies – and another part of the immune system called T-cells to fight the coronavirus.



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