Senator Ledama Delivers Bad News to Governors Planning to Seek Different Elective Posts in 2022

With two years remaining before the 2022 general elections, Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has warned second term Governors planning to seek different elective seats in 2022.

Through his twitter page, Ledama communicated that the Senate was planning to amend the Public Audit Act to bar all Second term Governors from running for a different office in 2022 if they haven’t kept clean records in the past two terms.

Ledama stated the amendment will ensure that all those governors who have bad audit reports and queries will not be allowed to run for any elective post come 2022.

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“Are you a Second term Governor Considering running for a different office 2022? We are amending the Public Audit Act to bar you from any elective position if you have a disclaimer or adverse audit reports/opinion as well as serious audit queries in case of qualified opinion,” read Ledama’s post.

His post, however, attracted a lot of reactions online, with Senior Counsel Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi coming out to rubbish the senator’s post.

The Grand Mullar advised Ledama not to waste his efforts, saying the amendment was unconstitutional hence will be challenged and thrown away by the courts.

“Sen…don’t waste your ink and time…that is MALICIOUSLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL..and the courts will strike it down…very early in the forenoon…in limine,” read Abdullahi’s post.

Ledama However insisted that the only way to demand accountability from the county bosses was by applying force. Citing a case of Murang’a county where the governor allegedly organized goons to chase away Auditors, the senator insisted on the need to lock those with questionable records out in 2022.

“Why? The only way to demand accountability my friend is to force it! How do you explain a Governor organizing Goons to chase away Auditors from doing their job? Locking up offices and taking off? A good example is Muranga County!,” added Ledama.

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