Shock as ‘Dead’ Kericho Man Mistakenly Taken to Mortuary Dramatically ‘Wakes Up’

The year 2020 has been the year of the bizarre and it seems more dumbfounding events won’t stop happening in Kenya. 

A shocking incident happened at Kapkatet Hospital in Kericho County after a 32-year-old patient who had been mistakenly transferred to the hospital’s mortuary regained consciousness.

Reports from the hospital indicate that the man identified as Peter Kiplangat Kigen was rushed to the facility on Tuesday morning after he fainted at home.

The family while pointing fingers at the worry some level of negligence say that the nurse who received the patient at the hospital casually checked on him before pronouncing him ‘dead’.

The patient was immediately transferred to the hospital mortuary where he was received by the mortuary attendant who soon after began the process of preserving his body.

The uncle says the attendant made an incision on the right leg of the patient to be used in the infusion of formalin but in the process, the patient gained consciousness and wailed in pain forcing all those who were around to scamper for safety thinking that a dead man had ‘resurrected’.

The family is now seeking for justice for their kin who has been left traumatized by the incident. 

The man is now in stable condition recovering at the hospital. 

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