Shock as Woman is Abducted, Her Genitals Mutilated by 2 Ladies

A woman from Kandara in Murang’a county is nursing injuries after she was abducted and her genitals mutilated.

According to reports, the victim, a 32-year-old resident of Gitura Village in Kandara, was abducted on September 26, 2020, on her way home from a shopping center.

Narrating the whole ordeal to a local online publication, the victim recounted how she was stopped on her way home by people who were in a saloon car, pretending to be looking for land to buy in the victim’s neighborhood.

After being discharged from the Maragua Sub-County Hospital, the victim filed a report at Kabati Police Station. [PHOTO: MUTHONI GITAU | K24 DIGITAL]

She was unknowingly made to inhale a substance that made her unconscious before she was bundled into the car and driven to an unknown location.

“I told them I did not know the price of the land, but they could come another day when I would have already gathered enough information. It was during that brief conversation that one of the car occupants came out and sprayed a chemical substance in my eyes. They, thereafter, bundled me into the car and took me to an abandoned house, where they tortured me.” narrated the victim.

The victim, who was semi-conscious at the time, went ahead to narrate how the two occupants, (women) injected her with an unknown substance and, thereafter, inserted two battery cells in her genitals before sealing her womanhood with superglue.

She was later dumped on the Kagia-Kariguini Road, a few meters from her home where she was rescued. The victim was forced to seek medical services at Maragua Sub-County Hospital, where a surgical operation was performed on her after experiencing difficulties going for short calls.

The lady is now suspecting her female neighbour of hiring the two to torture her, saying she said had been having differences with her for years now.

According to her, the differences emanated after the neighbour advised her to leave her (victim’s) husband following an unending marital dispute.

But upon defying the advice to leave her husband, the neighbour is said to have developed hatred towards her. The neighbour is said to have even threatened to teach the lady a lesson after the victim confronted her over children-related issues.

The matter has already been recorded at Kabati police station and the officers have started investigations into the matt

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