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Sifuna to Offer Free Legal Services For Insulting Remarks Against Aisha Jumwa

ODM Party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has apologized over insulting remarks he made against Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa.

While addressing the media on Monday, December 21, Sifuna stated that the sentiments were unnecessarily graphic and he did not intend to advocate for sexual violence.

The ODM Secretary-General further asked those offended by his utterances to forgive him.

“I want the people who know me to understand that this is not what Sifuna is about and definitely this is not what the ODM party is about. My remarks were unnecessarily graphic… I would never advocate for sexual violence. It is the worst form of violence against anyone even in political competition.”

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna addresses members of the public in Msambweni. Photo/Courtesy

“Those words are regrettable and I hope the people who know that is not the person I am about will understand and appreciate the apology I have just given,” he said.

Sifuna also offered to undertake 50 hours of probono legal services to victims of gender-based violence in 2021 as a way of making up for his mistake.

“I have recorded my statement with NCIC Kenya this morning during which I offered an unreserved apology to all those offended by my language. I have also offered to undertake 50 hrs probono legal services to victims of gender-based violence in 2021,” Sifuna tweeted.

He made the utterances that saw him summoned by NCIC on December 11, during by-election campaigns in Msambweni Constituency.

Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa. Photo/Courtesy

NCIC said that the remarks by the two leaders could affect harmonious coexistence between the communities living in Kwale.

“NCIC strongly condemns the reckless utterances made by the ODM SG Hon. Edwin Sifuna as well as Hon. Aisha Jumwa during the Msambweni by-election campaigns. The Commission has commenced investigations.  We urge Kenyans to exercise tolerance and allow the law to take its cause,” NCIC put out in a statement.

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