Simple ways to avoid danger in your surrounding

Dangers normally occur unexpectedly. No matter how we think that we are safe, there must occur some circumstances in life that we can’t avoid. Being in the wrong places at the wrong time causes dangers and these are ways of avoiding a dangerous situation.

1. Avoid isolated places
Walking alone in an area where it is cool, silent and calm could be refreshing sometimes, but when something bad happens, it could be one of the worst scenarios. Being alone can be harmful since no one may reach you when danger arises. Therefore, you may suffer because no one is around to help you.

2. Trust your instincts
Use your five senses for defence. If you feel something abnormal try to move from that abnormality to what you think it is a normal situation. Trusting your instincts builds courage and confidence when in a situation that is not usual.

3. Know your surrounding well

Understand your environment very well. Try to check all the entrances and exits and the position they are situated. This is the easiest way to safety from danger without any harm.

4. Be aware of your company

Be keen with the people you are with especially those whom you don’t know or trust. Try to read or check their moves by following their steps. It will assist you easily to know their intention by the way they look at you. Make sure you stay closer with your friends, who can protect you in case of danger. Also, be sure to check warning signs.

5. Avoid loud music

Stay in a conducive environment that when need be you can be heard and you can receive assistance. Pay attention to everything around you. Never put on loud earplugs in your ears so that you remain aware of your environment. Make sure that you have a way or a device that will aid you to call for assistance if any emergency occurs.

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