Six types of masks and their uses

As we all try the best we can to battle with a life-threatening virus which originated from Wuhan city in China, we ought to know the right protective masks to put on.

Most people wear masks for the wrong reasons, like avoiding getting into trouble with the police.

The masks at our disposal are of various kinds and with various purposes. You could be covering your nose and mouth with a mask that cannot prevent a single virus from escaping or entering your body.

The following are six types of masks with their abilities as shared earlier by the World Health Organisation(WHO):

1. KN95

This type of mask can perfectly prevent virus by ninety-five 95 percent. According to experts, the mask has the ability to hundred percent prevent dust, pollen and bacteria. It provides the strongest protection.

A sample of KN95 mask in use. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
2. Surgical mask

This is the most used type of a mask, especially by medics. It protects one from the virus on 95 percent just like KN95. However, bacterial, dust and pollen is prevented at 80 percent. This type is actually meant for medical use.

3. FFPI mask
FFPI mask is purposely made to isolate suspended particles. It has an ability similar to that of surgical mask.


4. Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon mask is used to stop odour. It has a 10 percent ability to prevent viruses and has 50 percent ability to prevent dust, bacterial and pollen. Individuals are warned against using this type for coronavirus prevention reasons.

A sample of a Generic Sports Protective Mask Grid With Breathing Valve Mask Activated Carbon. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
5. Cloth Mask
Most Kenyans go for this type due to its cheap price and availability and tailor shops. On a worrying part, this type doesn’t any way to prevent the virus. Bacterial, dust and pollen are prevented by 50% just like Activated Carbon.
You are therefore discouraged from using this type to prevent COVID-19.

cloth masks. [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
6. Sponge Mask
Just like cloth mask, most people go for this type given its beauty. This, however, prevents bacterial, dust and pollen by 5 percent and zero percent for viruses. This mask is meant for fashion use only.

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