Sonko angry at Badi's latest action.

Sonko Vows to Defy ‘Orders From Above’ Over NMS Funds

Nairobi City County Governor Mike Sonko has vowed to defy ‘orders from above’ to release county funds to the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS).

Taking to his social media pages on Monday, November 16, the tough talking Governor that there is no amount of intimidation that will be used against him to force to release funds to Major General Mohammed Badi’s led NMS.

Sonko accused the unidentified people in government of wanting to swindle Nairobi county funds through “an illegal entity” (NMS) adding that he will never breach the law.

“Jail me! There’s life in prison. Impeach me! There’s life after politics. Kill me! There’s life after death where my late father and our beloved founding father of the Republic of Kenya the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta are resting in peace. But there’s no amount of intimidation that will be used against me to force me to breach the law by giving funds to an illegal entity.” Sonko said.

Sonko angry at Badi's latest action.
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and NMS boss Major General Mohammed Badi Welcoming President Uhuru Kenyatta in the past function at KICC. Image/Courtesy

The embattled Governor termed the push to release cash to Badi’s team as a breach of law.

“The dark days are over. We will not allow anybody to breach the law personally going forward I will not allow any intimidation from anyone,” he said.

The governor further claimed without providing evidence that the same cartels that allegedly stole Ksh63 billion Covid-19 funds were the same people pushing him to release funds to NMS because it is led by a military man.

“The same players who stole 63 Billion from the ministry of health scandal for supplying air to counties and still stole more Billions from KEMSA in the COVID BILLIONAIRES scandal have landed in Nairobi county wanting to swindle County funds through an illegal entity because its headed by a military man and that the ORDER is from above so we should breach the law. Never over my DEAD BODY.” Governor Sonko claimed.

Sonko and Major General Badi have been engaged in a supremacy battle in control of the rich Nairobi City County.

Badi has accused Sonko of paralyzing NMS by refusing to surrender funds meant for the entity.

Last month, Sonko refused to assent to a budget allocating the NMS Ksh27.1 billion and leaving his administration with Ksh6.4 billion.

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