Standard 5 Girl Kidnaps Two Children

Police in Chuka are investigating circumstances under which two children aged three and six went missing from their home on Thursday, November 19.

According to Citizen Digital, the mother of the two missing children Doreen Kawira is suspecting a Standard 5 girl who she welcomed into her house at 8pm last week on Friday, November 13.

Kawira told the publication that she welcomed the young girl into her house after she claimed that she was lost and was trying to locate her aunt who she said was living in the area.

She stated that she had texted the girl’s area chief and her area chief to inform them that she would hosting the lost girl as she continues to locate her aunt.

The area chief then advised her to return the girl to her parents’ home in Kianjai after attempts to find the girl’s aunt proved futile.

However, before she could take her back to her parents, the Class 5 pupil disappeared with two children on Thursday, November 19 after Kawira left home for work.

While confirming the incident, area Chief Gitonga Kawere added that the girl also stole some money from the house before fleeing.

Victims of child trafficking. Photo/Courtesy

This comes amid spike in cases of children being stolen for sale in different parts of the country forcing the government to constitute a multi-agency team to investigate allegations of child trafficking in the country.

Labour and Protection Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui condemned the alleged stealing and sales of babies in Nairobi.

“A team of officers from relevant government agencies has been constituted to exhaustively investigate the allegations carried out and take necessary action.”

“The attention of the Government is drawn to reportage about the safety of children in our country. We condemn in the strongest terms possible the alleged stealing and sale of babies in Nairobi and in any other part of the country,” said Labour and Social Protection CS Simon Chelugui.

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