Ugandan Activist Stella Nyanzi Arrested In Busia

Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi was on Saturday arrested following her trip to Kenya.

The Yoweri Museveni critic was arrested by Ugandan authorities comprising of  army, CMI, Police and other security agencies, at the Busia border.

In a social media post, Nyanzi who was incarcerated for criticising the president said she was detained alongside her political assistant Rugumayo Ka Kusemererwa at an unknown cell in Busia town.

The whereabouts of her driver and campaign photographer remain unknown.

Stella Nyanzi
“They were arrested ahead of the two of us but are not detained in our (unknown) detention facility, ” she said.

“What is our crime? Can somebody tell me. They did not even isolate us in isolation or quarantine holding facilities. We are in detention cells. Again, what is our crime? Is it a crime to be a Ugandan in Uganda? Third time, what is our crime?”

The officers, she said, intercepted her at a Petrol station.

“A car full of big men with stomachs in layer, thin black armed LDUs carrying AK47s and four military policemen wearing camouflage have now surrounded my car,” she added.

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While authorities are yet to disclose the reason for her arrest, it is said that Nyanzi got into Kenya through a porous border.

The East African country is yet to reopen its borders due to COVID-19 pandemic.

During her visit, the Kampala MP aspirant met with Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo, activist Boniface Mwangi and Boniface Ogutu Akach.


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