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Suspect In Kevin Omwenga’s Fatal Shooting Says It Was An “Accident”

Suspect in the murder of Nairobi businessman Kevin Omwenga has said that the shooting was an accident.

Robert Bodo was arrested on Saturday morning for shooting the deceased in the chest at his Kilimani home.

In his statement, Bodo claimed that he took the alleged murder weapon from his boss’s office right across where the departed lived, on Friday.

He told the police that he took the gun at around 6 pm and returned it a few moments past midnight.

Before he returned it however, he and Omwenga fought for the gun when it suddenly went off, injuring the latter in the chest.

Earlier that day, he disclosed, he handed the gun to the deceased as they left a joint along Argwings Kodhek Road for Ngara where they picked an unidentified woman.

While at Omwenga’s home, he said that he pulled him aside to take back the gun when they got into an argument.

Omwenga was pronounced dead on arrival at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

Bodo is currently in custody alongside his boss, Chris Obure, the owner of the gun.

Obure has in the past been arrested for misusing a firearm.

In 2017, his license to hold a firearm was revoked after he allegedly harassed and caused a reveler at a popular Westlands joint bodily harm.

The case did not take off after the complainant declined to appear in court.

Obure and Bodo are expected in court on Monday.

Police are also looking into Omwenga’s sudden change of lifestyle.


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