Telkom Kenya Reviews Its Data Bundles Offering

Telkom Kenya has reviewed its daily, monthly and unlimited home plan data bundles for its pre-paid customers.

Telkom Kenya Marketing Director Eric Achola in a statement on Tuesday, November 17, said that the data plan revisions were formed by the feedback from its subscribers who are demanding for bundle option that will support their evolving consumption habits.

The company added that the plan will give more value to pre-paid heavy data customers by improving their user experience.

“These bundle revisions were informed by customer feedback on the need to provide them with bundle options that will support their evolving consumption habits,” Telkom’s Marketing Director Eric Achola said.

In the changes will see Telkom customers buy daily 5GB at a cost of Ksh250 while monthly 10GB costing Ksh.1,000.

Monthly 30GB will cost of Ksh2,000 while 50GB monthly bundle will go at Ksh3,000.

Customers on unlimited package, will get daily 13.3GB Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for 30 at a cost of Ksh4,000 while subscribers on unlimited Plus package will receive 16.6GB FUP on a daily basis at a cost of Ksh5,500.

For the 90 days 100GB package, customers will have to Ksh.6,000.

The company has also reviewed the FUP unlimited bundles to ensure connection speeds at peak times are not slowed down when users are uploading and downloading large files.

“Now more than ever, telcos need to play their part in keeping their customers connected. The revision of our data limits and the FUP for both our daily and Unlimited plans means our customers will be getting more value from us,” Achola added.

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