The American Tycoon Bankrolling Ruto’s 2022 Presidential Bid

Reports are indicating that American tycoon George Soros who is known for bankrolling presidential aspirants across the world is oiling Deputy President Dr. William Ruto’s 2022 bid.

Soro who is the founder of Open Society Foundation has picked Ruto as his preferred candidate to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in next year’s polls after failing with Odinga in the past.

He believes that DP Ruto who is part of the current messy administration has the right philosophy and economic model to lift the country from it’s death bed.

The DP has based his campaign on a ‘hustler vs dynasty’ narrative in his drive to clinch the presidency in next year.

He has also changed his tactic to take the position that was once enjoyed by the opposition chief Raila Odinga who was sucked into government through the handshake deal with President Kenyatta.

The country’s second in command has of late become very vocal as he calls for the respect of constitutional bodies as witnessed during the Madaraka Day celebrations last week.

Ruto and his allies in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) are defending the Judiciary from scathing attacks by President Kenyatta.

In taylor made messages, Ruto is also criticizing the executive for using the national police to settle political scores.

He shifted his goal posts after he was sidelined by President Kenyatta who roped in the opposition chief through the infamous handshake deal reached in March 9 2018.

Ruto has since managed to bag activists and civil society groups including Linda Katiba into his team as 2022 draws closer.

Some of the notable activists in his hustler’s team include the former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar.

Omar is who broke ranks with Odinga in 2013 served as the executive director of Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) before being elected senator in 2013.

American billionaire George Soros [p/courtesy]
George Soros claims to be a supporter of progressive and liberal political discourse and supports similar movements through his foundations.

His Open Society of East Africa is currently headed by George Kegoro who previously worked as the executive director at the KHRC.

Bu Soros who financed ODM’s street demos and Raila Odinga’s 2013 and 2017 presidential bid has ditched the ODM leader for Ruto

He is said to be attracted to Ruto’s bottom-up economic plan that aims to lift masses from abject poverty.

The controversial businessman is also funding Non-governmental organizations which are backing Ruto’s bid and opposed to governments scheme to expand the executive through Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

He also has business interests in Kenya which have been thwarted by the current and previous regimes.

Soros had attempted to buy stakes in the Telkom Kenya and pushed for split of Safaricom but his advances were neutralized by deep state operatives.









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