THE BEAST – Belgian Malinois

A common quote widely used in regards to dogs is that dogs are man’s best friend. I believe that this quote isn’t exaggerated because having bred dogs of many different breeds over the years, I’ve come to find out there is a certain warm and loving personality dogs possess.

The main breed that has stood out for me is definitely the Belgian Malinois commonly known as Mal.

Mals are mostly dark brown in colour with a black snout and black pointed ears. They are well muscled, intelligent and built for hard tasks.

Mals require a thorough training regiment so as to have an outlet for the enormous energy they have. Though training them can be a bit hard, once they grasp a command they perform it to the best of their ability. Which is why the eagerness to perform, dexterous nature and loyalty to their masters makes them a great choice for police and Military training.

As an energetic and powerful dog it is ultimately the best choice when it comes to purchasing a security dog.
According to Mals are the predominant breed utilized by SEAL teams.

In 2014, the Washington Post did a story on how Mals were used to secure the perimeter of Bin Laden’s compound, especially as bomb sniffers. ( , 23rd September 2014)

Finally, breeding the Mals is no easy task. One requires patience, love and a big backyard because trust me, Malinois are built for the great outdoors. This is why it stands out as one of the best companion dog breeds out there, which I highly recommend.

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