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The Conning Games at Royal Mabati Factory Mlolongo

For a some time now, Royal Mabati Factory has hit social media for the wrong reasons, and as it appears, customer grievances are far from over.

This below is a personal narration of a client in 2018 who took to Facebook to air his mind on how the company frustrated, threatened and intimidated after he took to social media to expose what he terms as ‘conning games’ at the factory spearheaded by sales reps.

Royal Mabati Factory
Royal Mabati Factory. Image/Courtesy

“The company advertises that they deliver within 48hours after you make the purchase. But they don’t. It looks like a well-crafted scheme to fleece unsuspecting clients of their money. Any person who has built knows that the duration  you take to build has a direct link to the cost.

On 17th of August, I saw an advert on the paper by Royal Mabati Factory Limited. I made an inquiry and asked to go to the office. My sales rep was a Mr George Otieno Ogutu. He took me round and advised me against buying corrugated blue because it was out of stock.

He, instead, persuaded me to take corrugated charcoal grey, order number 0012603. I have, since, been waiting for a month for the mabatis to be delivered in Nyanza but that has not happened. When I enquire from the sales team, they tell me that their work is to sell, not to deliver (sic) while customer care agents promise to look into the matter and never return the calls or give an honest feedback.

The last time I went there, I was taken to a rude lady called Faith, she sits at the extreme right as you walk in. Apparently she is the head of sales or something like that. She assured me that they were going to deliver by the by the Friday of that week.

It is now two weeks. You call her and she tells you “Let me check,” she doesn’t. You call again, she tells you she is serving a client (another one in line for conning) just like Ogutu did to me. One wonders whether they are in the business of satisfying their client s needs or picking money by false pretense. It does not help to call their customer care numbers: 0703 638383 or 0722638383.

They will promise to call you back only to go mute. The next time you call again, they pretend not to know what you are talking about. I have bought mabati from Imarisha Mabati, their fairly recent competitor, and the story was very different. They delivered within the timelines promised.

You know what attracts buyers to Royal is the false promise that will deliver your mabati. I am therefore posting this to alert any person who is planning to buy from Royal about the ping pong they must prepare themselves for. You will pay, but if you intend to roof by Saturday or next week, forget.

My mbaos are now rotting- due to heavy rains- on the roof as a result of this lies by Royal Mabati. There is a big problem here and I hope people realise this. I asked for my refund and they told me that it takes a month to get your money.

On Saturday after I hinted at seeking a formal intervention, they called me to tell me that the van was leaving on Saturday and that late, Monday-today- I was going to get the mabati. Today I am calling, they tell me to wait and that they will call back. The adverts you see on the papers are a con, don’t fall for them.

And (in the latest development) now, yesterday, Ogutu, the sales agent, apparently having read this post, calls me on a different number to threaten me that his is not Royal Mabati Factory Ltd. Instead of owning up and assuring me of what they are doing to save the situation, I get a threat”

The story was first posted on buyers beware Kenya.

There many more narrations from frustrated clients who be-mourn the fraudulent nature of business dealings by the company.

They opine that the company resorts to PR and silencing of criticism after they have taken client’s money then failing to deliver iron sheets.


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