The Pain Of Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorder is when the white blood cells attack healthy cells instead of diseases. Sometimes these disorders are hard to diagnose since there’s no exact lab test that can ascertain them.

Often times one is tested for markers of inflammation among many other tests. Tests to be done include; urinalysis, full haemogram, C-Reactive Protein among others.

Every single person has different types of symptoms ranging from but not limited to; butterfly rash,loss of appetite,joint pain,oral sores, constipation, alopecia, low haemoglobin levels, tight and light skin and lack of appetite.

Having one type of autoimmune disorders can leave you predisposed to other autoimmune disorders. For example if you have Lupus you can be predisposed to Sceleroderma, Polymyositis, Fibromyalgia and Sjodgrens. This is called an overlap syndrome.

Autoimmune disorders are mostly chronic. To mean they’ll last a lifetime. All one hopes for is it goes into remission. Autoimmune disorders do not have a cure. All hope one has is managing them.

Daily life with these disorders is quite taxing. One day one is energetic then there are days one is lethargic and fatigued. Most people have resigned from their jobs and others have been fired. Some people have been termed as faking being sick.

A patient also faces complications such as, hypotension, hypertension, kidney failure, skin cancer,heart complications and blood clots.

It’s always a costly affair having to see the doctor, having blood tests and buying drugs. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of treatment. This happens if you take a policy after you have been diagnosed. It doesn’t get easier for these people.

Not understanding what one goes through doesn’t mean they are faking it. Don’t stigmatize because you don’t see what they go through. Do not add more to pain they are going through. All people have their struggles that means they have a breaking point.

Autoimmune disorders causes a lot of pain, suffering and depression. Not having a support system breaks people down. It doesn’t matter if it financial,psycho-social or emotional. Let’s strive to be our brothers’s keepers.

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