Obure Ouko released on bail

Third Suspect In Kevin Omwenga Murder Charged

A Congolese national has been charged with the murder of Nairobi car dealer, Kevin Omwenga.

Vatha Bahati Josue is the third suspect in the foul murder of the 28 year old businessman shot dead at his Kilimani home two weeks ago.

The prosecution sought seven days to have the suspect held as police complete investigations.

A police officer told the court that the suspect’s phone, a Samsung A10, was used to communicate with the murder suspects on the day of the shooting.

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According to the DCI sleuth, the suspect was in constant communication with businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo Ouko before and after the fatal shooting.

Through his lawyer, Samson Nyamberi, Mr Josue opposed his detention. He asked to be released on bail pending investigations.

He was arrested on Wednesday night and held at Capital Hill Police Station.

He has been released on Sh100,000 cash bail.

Obure and Ouko were charged with the murder of the car dealer on Wednesday. They denied the charges.

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Earlier today, an affidavit filed to oppose the release of the suspect on bail indicated that the deceased, Ouko and Obure knew each other.

Investigations also revealed that a company associated with Obure, Glo Jet, paid for the deceased’s cars and Galana Suites apartment.

“Investigations and documentary evidence have shown that although Obure had denied having any business or a strong relationship with the deceased, there is strong evidence that Omwenga’s apartment and vehicles he claimed to own were fully paid for by Global Jet a company that Obure has leadership authority in,” the affidavit read.


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