Top Gainers, Losers And Movers At The Bourse On Thursday

The top 5 gainers of the day at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) on Thursday were:

  • WPP ScanGroup
  • Nation Media Group
  • BK Group
  • Total Kenya
  • Britam Holdings

WPP ScanGroup led the gainers’ table with 10.00 percent at the price of 7.70 shillings per share. The Nation Media Group was the second top gainer with 9.89 percent at the price of 15.55 shillings per share.

BK Group gained 9.69 percent at the price of 16.45 shillings per share while Total Kenya and Britam Holdings gained 9.00 and 5.68 percent at the price of 23.00 and 7.44 shillings per share respectively.

The top 5 losers on Thursday were:

  • Sameer Africa
  • Unga Group
  • Trans-Century
  • Home Afrika
  • East African Cables

Sameer Africa lost 10.00 percent at the price of 3.60 shillings per share. Unga Group shed off 9.09 percent at the price of 30.00 shillings per share followed by Trans-Century with a loss of 8.82 percent at the price of 1.55 shillings per share.

Home Afrika and East African Cables lost 7.14 and 6.84 percent respectively at the price of 0.39 and 1.77 shillings per share.

The top 5 movers on Thursday were:

  • Safaricom
  • Co-operative Bank
  • Kenya Power and Lighting Company
  • KCB Group
  • Kenya Re-Insurance

Safaricom sold 3.23 million shares with a market capitalization of 1.20 trillion, to sustain the position of the top mover for the last four days.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya sold 1.86 million shares and a market capitalization of 69.82 billion shillings. Keya Power and Lighting Company sold 1.30 million shares with a market capitalization of 3.71 billion shillings

KCB Group who sold 1.20 million shares at a market capitalization of 122.59 billion shillings while Kenya Re-Insurance sold 1.03 million shares with a market capitalization of 6.08 billion shillings.

The Nairobi Securities Exchange has started picking up after going through an investment turmoil and the majority of the listed companies struggled with investors taking off to look for other avenues to secure their wealth.

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