Try It! Kimani Ichungwa Dares Kieni MP Over Plans to Disappropriate Ruto’s Office Funds

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungwa has warned his Kieni Kanini Kega against any plans to cut and reduce part of the budget allocated to Deputy President William Ruto’s office over alleged failure to carry out his official duties.

Speaking moments after Kanini Kega was featured by Citizen Tv questioning why Ruto had skipped the COVID-19 conference on Monday, Ichungwa said Kega’s intentions to have Ruto’s office budget cut to size will be met with stern rejections.

“Did i hear Kieni MP say he can choose not to appropriate money to the office of the DP?? Kwani hii Pesa ni ya…. come on! Give us a break ! But try it bro ndio utajua for sure hamjui,” he said.

Earlier on, Kega was quoted claiming that DP Ruto’s absconding of presidential function yesterday, resulted in DP sabotaging the president hence warranting a review of his office budget.

“We cannot be appropriating funds to your office yet you are not ready to discharge functions mandated to you by the constitution of assisting and deputizing the president,” stated Kanini Kega.

MP Kanini Kega responds to Ruto after their tiff in Mathira -

Kanini Kega’s sentiments were also echoed by Limuru MP Peter Mwathi who said wondered what had come of Ruto to skip such an important event.

“I am shocked that the DP would shy off an event that was meant to give Kenyans hope,” he stated

Nyeri Town MP claimed that Ruto had stopped working as the Deputy President a long time ago and had abandon Uhuru to work on his own.

He added that Ruto was so much into his 2022 campaigns, with the hosting of different delegations at his Karen home day in day out because he knows Uhuru has no powers to fire him.


However, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria rubbished Kega and the team’s sentiments terming them hypocrites who only maximize on Monday’s absence, yet they had been quiet when Ruto was left out of key government meetings in the past.

On his part, Ruto, who appeared unmoved, told off his critics saying he won’t be moved by what is being said about him, adding that he will not abandon the empowerment of youths in the country.

“I want to tell them that their hatred and insults won’t deter us, we have refused divisive and ethnic politics…things have changed and we are not going back to dirty politics” he stated

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