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Two Arrested in Connection to Murder of Boda Boda Rider

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested two suspects in connection to the murder of a boda boda operator who was beheaded along Mai Mahiu Road in Narok County on Monday night, November 2.

The two suspects identified as David Nago, 29, and Saitoti Sego, 20, were arrested in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County over 70kms away from the scene of the crime.

Intelligence-led information took DCI detectives to the suspects’ houses where upon thorough search two bloodstained Jackets were recovered and kept as exhibit awaiting DNA analysis.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru who confirmed the incident said that the two retreated Ongata Rongai after committing the crime.

“We have also recovered bloodied clothes from their house and we shall arraign them in court,” he said.

The police and boda boda operators had launched a joint operation for the two suspects.

gsu officers arrested
DCI Headquarters along Kiambu Road. [Courtesy]
According to the police report, the two lured the victim from the trading center to Kiket village, 10kms from Mai Mahiu town where they beheaded him.

One of the boda boda rider in the area narrated how the two approached several operators seeking to be ferried from Ongata Rongai to Narok using a motorcycle.

He said that the two offered them hefty pay but they got concerned due to the long distance between the two towns and declined to ferry them.

“However, one of our colleagues took the offer only for the two to kill him but we have assisted police in arresting the duo,” he said.

The suspects remain in lawful custody as police conduct further investigation.

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