Two boys burn to death in Thika

Two Children Burn to Death After Mother Locked Them Inside House and Went on a Night Drinking Spree

A tragedy hit Gachagi slum in Thika Friday after two children burn to death in their shanty house as their mother was out on a drinking spree.

The two boys identified as Gibson Gatere and Ian Mwangi were aged 5 and 13 years respectively.

According to reports from K24 Digital, their mother Mary Wanjiru locked the two siblings inside their house and went out for a drink.

Pained neighbors tried all they could to rescue the boys after the fire had broken out but theif efforts bore no fruits as the children lost their lives in the inferno.

Two boys burn to death in Thika
The debri of a house where wo children aged 13 and 5 burn to death in Thika. Image/K24 Digital.

“The children’s mother, Mary Wanjiru, had locked them in the house Friday night, and left for binge drinking. When the fire broke out, neighbours attempted to rescue the brothers, but they collapsed and died right on the doorstep, shortly after the entry point was brought down by neighbours,” said Chief Waithaka told K24.

It is suspected that the tragic fire was started by a burning candle.

The area chief narrated how the mother of the deceased children was “too drunk to understand anything” after neighbours went to break the sad news to her.

Wanjiru has seen been arrested and is being held at a police station in Thika waiting to be taken to counrt on Monday.

Chief Waithaka said that the woman will be charged with death by negligence.


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