Two boys burn to death in Thika

Two Robbery With Violence Suspects Gunned Down In Meru

DCI detectives in Meru have gunned down two robbery with violence suspects captured on CCTV footages numerous times in active violent robberies.

The thugs have been using motorcycles with concealed number plates and harassing MPesa operators within the area.

“Manhunt for the criminals was launched by a select team of #DCI SSU, CR&IB and Meru-based detectives following a public outcry mainly Mpesa operators, with the team maintaining a sharp lookout for the suspects who have been using motorbikes with concealed registration numbers,” DCI tweeted.

According to DCI boss George Kinoti, the two suspected ex-Kamiti Maximum Prison convicts were felled following a shootout with the sleuths.

“The confrontation ensued after the team spotted a suspicious motorcycle with concealed number plates at Makutano area in Meru, where on challenging the rider to stop the two pillion passengers alighted and opened fire with the SMG, disobeying orders to surrender,” Kinoti said.

Police have since launched a manhunt for the bodaboda rider who managed to escape.

“The detectives fired back in retaliation, where the two suspected ex-Kamiti Maximum Prison convicts were fatally injured with the rider escaping but is being pursued,” he added.

DCI maintained that pursuit for guns and ammunitions in the wrong hands without proper documentation will not cease.

“The DCI reiterates that pursuit for guns and ammunitions being possessed by wrong hands without excuse of official and procedural licensing will not cease.”

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