Uhuru Ally Ngunjiri Wambugu Tells Off Murathe Over Raila Endorsement

The move by Murathe to publicly endorse former prime minister Raila Odinga as preferred Mt Kenya presidential aspirant has continued to draw mixed reactions among Kenyans and politicians at large.

Vibrant Mt Kenya MP, an ardent Kieleweke ally Hon Ngunjiri Wambugu is among those who have weighed in on Murathe’s sentiments. Through a Facebook post on Monday afternoon the president Uhuru allied legislator told off Murathe saying he was allowing himself to be carried away by politics.

In his argument he said it was ridiculous for Murathe and company to start early campaigns for Raila Odinga despite Uhuru-Raila agreement to stop early campaigns so as to enhance service delivery to Kenyans.

“Both Uhuru and Raila are on record that this is not the time for 2022 campaigns. I want to believe he (Murathe) is not speaking on behalf of anybody, but just giving his personal opinion,” the pro-handshake lawmaker stated.

He defended the second in command saying it was not fair for his people to be warned against early politics yet Murathe President Uhuru’s man has already started early campaigns.He said he would have personally avoided making such “reckless” remarks at a time like this.

“Personally I would have avoided making such a statement at the moment because we cannot tell people to stop campaigning for DP Ruto but on the other hand start 2022 campaigns for another person,” MP Ngunjiri further argued.

MP Ngunjiri Wambugu is among Mt Kenya Kieleweke camp politicians who have in the past led anti-Ruto campaigns claiming he had undermine their party leader Mr Kenyatta. They claimed the second in command’s decision not to support the famous handshake and the Building Bridges initiative BBI was a clear indication the DP was not supporting his boss thus should be taught a hard lesson.

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