Jubilee Party SG Raphael Tuju.

Uhuru Tano Tena? Tuju’s Comments on President Kenyatta Leading Jubilee Beyond 2022 Raises Eyebrows

After months of relative calm within the ruling Jubilee Party, an all-out war pitting President Uhuru Kenyatta against his Deputy William Ruto is in the offing following controversial comments by Secretary General Raphael Tuju.

In an interview with the Nation, he revealed that the party is planning to have the president as party leader well beyond 2022 when his term is expected to end.

ruto at jubilee hqs
Deputy President William Ruto At Party Headquarters. Image/Courtesy

The SG said he and like-minded top officials are fronting the president to remain at the helm in what many will construe as a back channel to cling to power beyond his presidential 2 terms of 10 years.

“I don’t talk for him (President) but I don’t see why he should not continue leading the Jubilee Party after 2022. I want to state that there is consensus, especially from those of us holding senior positions in the party, that it still needs his (Uhuru’s) passion to bring this country together,” said Tuju.

The comments by Tuju have thrown the spanner into the works and added salt to injury in an already volatile struggle for the top ruling party.

And with Ruto already disenfranchised by a section of Jubilee officials, it is now clear that pro BBI leaders within the party want to amend the constitution to allow Uhuru remain in power.

“If you look at the first page of our constitution, it states that Jubilee should spearhead the endeavour to bring this country together, make transition from ethnic-based politics to politics of ideas and inclusivity, of reaching out. By him (Uhuru) reaching out, he is actually implementing a requirement of the constitution of the Jubilee Party…With that kind of passion and vision, we’re very much convinced that he should continue to be party leader in the foreseeable future.” Tuju continued.

Tuju wants Uhuru as Party leader well beyond 2022. Image/Courtesy

And now with the cat out of the bag, Ruto’s allies are expected to offer a sharp rebuttal to Mr. Tuju who has been a thorn in Ruto’s quest to succeed President Kenyatta.

In the recent past, Uhuru’s and Raila’s political allies have floated the idea of the two handshake brothers forming a joint government as Prime Minister and Head of State, respectively if and only the BBI is passed through a referendum.




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