Uhuru’s Cryptic Message of Forgiveness to Deputy President William Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta has in a cryptic message asked for forgiveness from anyone he has offended in the past.

In what many construed as a hidden message to Deputy President William Ruto, the head of state said that he had also forgiven those who may have offended him in the past.

Kenyatta at State House
Uhuru making his closing address to the National Day of Prayers at State House. Image/Courtesy

The president’s message came at a time when political temperatures in the country hit a worrying high less than two years to the general election in 2022.

Uhuru spoke as he closed the second day of National day of Prayer at State House Nairobi.

“We are told to say thank you and we ask God to forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against us. If I have offended anyone, I apologise and if someone has wronged me, I forgive them too. Let peace and harmony be with us and let all citizens co-exist with each other,” said Uhuru.

The rallying call for forgiveness taken in it’s context was meant to bring calm to a tectonic relationship between the president and his Deputy, who has been subject of harsh security directives to ban political gatherings in the country.

While the DP was not given an opportunity to address the gathering of religious leaders drawn from different faiths and denominations, Uhuru took time to express his gratitude to God and health care workers who have been at the forefront fighting coronavirus pandemic.

“Let me thank the almighty God for keeping us safe and helping us reach where we are today, we could not be here without his guidance, love and we need to recognise that. We have undergone very serious challenges and we may have won a number of battles but the war is not yet won and we need to continue to ask our creator to stand with us,” the president said.

“It is our day of thanksgiving and repentance and seeking God’s favour in our land. I thank all religious leaders from across different religions who have set aside this day and have come to lead the entire nation in prayer today.

He added: “I take this opportunity to thank our health workers and essential service providers who have gone beyond the call of duty during trying times for Kenya. I thank my fellow leaders in Cabinet, county governments and across all political parties. The unity of purpose shown has helped us come this far.



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