Unemployed Kenyans Could Soon Receive Unemployment Benefits from the Government

In a move that will excite jobless youths, a proposal by the National Treasury is seeking to have working Kenyans to pay a two percent tax from their incomes to the unemployed.

The National Treasury post COVID-19 economic recovery strategy is expected to set the stage for increased taxation for employed individuals who already account for a number of other statutory deductions such as NHIF and further indirect taxes.

Money collected from the employees and employers at the rate of one percent are expected to go into the soon to be set up unemployment insurance fund (UIF).

“The government will establish a UIF to cushion workers in financial distress by providing them with short-term relief when they become unemployed, or are on unpaid leave or unable to work because of illness,” the National Treasury said.

“The amount of contribution to the fund with be two per cent which include one per cent paid by employees from remuneration paid and one per cent paid by the employers.”

The Treasury did not disclose the final finer details but it is believed that the Planning Ministry along its development partners is expected to sink in a total of Ksh.300 million to the fund across the next two fiscal years to June 2022.



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