[Video] Chinese questioned by ‘Kenyans’ if they have Coronavirus

As deadly COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, the Chinese citizens are now getting an unfavorable environment to survive in. On Tuesday, a video emerged in social media of residents alleged to be from Kibra slum humiliating Chinese by questioning them.

In the clip, Kenyans could be heard demanding answers from two Chinese(male and female) whether they have the virus that originated from Wuhan, China. The Chinese woman looks much embarrassed as her male counterpart tried to explain to Kenyans that they don’t have the most feared virus.

“We don’t have coronavirus at all, ” the Chinese man shouted

However, it’s not clear when and where exactly the ugly incident occurred. Currently, the Ministry of Health affirms that Kenya has no confirmed COVID-19 case so far.

Thousands of people have lost their lives across the world and numerous affected. World Health Organisation(WHO) confirmed there are no either vaccines or cure for the virus.

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