“Vyama ni Mingi” Ruto’s Camp Hints at Fielding Candidate in Msambweni’s By-Election

A day after the Jubilee Party announced it will not field any candidate for Msambweni’s oncoming by-election, Deputy President William Ruto’s camp has sent out a clear hint that it will field a candidate in the constituency.

Taking to his Twitter page shortly after the party’s official announcement, Ruto’s close confidant Soy MP Caleb Kositany, while accusing ODM of being behind Jubilee’s decision, hinted that they were going to field their candidate despite Jubilee’s decision to pull out.

Caleb Kositany lists areas in the constitution he wants to be amended  through a referendum
Deputy President William Ruto sharing light moments with Soy MP Caleb Kositany at a past function. Photo/File

Kositany accused the ODM party Raila Odinga of begging Uhuru Kenyatta not to field any candidate in the constituency over an alleged fear of encountering William Ruto in a competition which was expected to be very tough between the two.

“So Raila begged Uhuru not to field a jubilee candidate, baba is so scared of the hustler nation. Vyama ni mingi tukutane Msambweni,” tweeted Kositany.

At the same time, the Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General wondered why his Jubilee party, with a total of 174 legislators, could be convinced to pull out of the race by the ODM party which only has 70 MPs in the national assembly.

While blaming witchcraft for the decision, the MP termed Jubilee as a party which has already been loaned out to ODM.

“Jubilee party with 174 elected MP’s, is on loan to ODM with 70 MP’s, tell me what this is if not witchcraft. Uchawi is real..” he added.

Kositany seemed frustrated by his boss Secretary-General Raphael Tuju, who announced that the party was not going to take part in Msambweni’s by-election.

Kositany remarks on a possible candidate in Msambweni comes at a time the Deputy President William Ruto partly agreed with the party’s decision, saying that was going to be the last time Jubilee will be missing out on any important by-election like Msambweni’s.

The DP, who spoke after a two-hour meeting with Tuju at Jubilee headquarters insisted he would have wanted the party to participate in the Msambweni by-election set for December 15, but as one way of maintaining the party’s unity, he had to accept the already communicated decision.

“I was of a different view that the party fields a candidate in Msambweni and they (party officials) had a different view…but because a decision has already been made and communicated, we will all stand by that decision,” stated Ruto who seemed dissatisfied.

In what could be seen as a clear indication that he could be down but not out of the grueling Msambeni by-election, Ruto urged aspirants who wanted to vie on the Jubilee ticket to either run as independents or join other parties.

In particular, Ruto noted he was still willing to sponsor Sharlet Akinyi Anyango (Mariam) in the race only if she decides to run independently and reach out for his support.

“If she talks nicely to me, then I can still consider my support for her,” joked Ruto ad he turns to Mariam who was present at Jubilee headquarters.

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