William Ruto says use of Police to intimidate and blackmail senators wrong

‘Wacha Niendelee Kama Spectator’: William Ruto Celebrates his Name Not Being Mentioned in Covid-19 Funds Corruption

Deputy President William Ruto in a classic clap back to the standard media for calling him the spectator in Thursday’s headline, has cheekily celebrated his name not featuring among those accused of misusing covid-19 funds.

Taking to his social media pages, DP twitted a screenshot of today’s headline with a tongue in cheek caption that has awed his supporters and riled his critics in equal measure.

Dp Ruto, who many of his critics term him as the lord of corruption is no longer taking prisoners and his reaction to the headline is perhaps the clearest indication yet that he is pushing back, and harder.

For the past few months, Ruto has been side-lined by Uhuru with his allies being kicked out of powerful positions in parliament and the senate and is now relieved that no one can associate him to the corruption allegations on covid-19 funds.

“At least for once it won’t be possible to be blamed for what someone said it started in Wuhan as a virus, landed in Italy as a pandemic and now in Kenya as a multi-billion shilling corruption enterprise” twitted DP.

William Ruto's tweet

He was reacting to the Standard Newspaper calling him the spectator in Uhuru’s government who has a big office yet has zero powers to make crucial decisions.

Instead of getting infuriated as he has been in the past over appearing on newspaper headlines, the DP turned tragedy into triumph as he told off the Standard, saying that he was content sitting out as a spectator.

The DP has lately adopted knuckles off approach in speaking out his matters, especially in matters governance and politics.

This is the second time in as many days that the DP has used social media to make his thoughts known on critical matters surrounding the Jubilee administration.

On Tuesday, the DP took an angry swipe at the ministry of interior for the chaos and intimidation meted against senators on Monday.

In a strongly worded tweet, Ruto had said that the use of police officers to intimidate leaders and blackmail senators was giving the Jubilee government a bad image.

“The abuse of police & criminal justice to bully citizens, threaten & intimidate leaders and now blackmail senate is wrong…its not the reason millions woke up to vote for us” said the DP.




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