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We Are Equal – Sudi Tells Uhuru After He Responded To Mama Ngina Utterances

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi on Friday addressed Eldoret residents in spite of heavy police presence.

The vocal lawmaker said he and President Uhuru Kenyatta were now equal after he responded to his remarks against his family.

Earlier on in the week, the Deputy President William Ruto ally is said to have insulted mothers and former First Lady, Mama Ngina.

The MP declined to apologize for the utterances that have had people talking most especially in the political sphere. Sudi said the message was lost in translation.

“Yesterday President Kenyatta responded to what I had said and we are now equal. That debate will not end there but I will continue to speak out my mind just like other Kenyans should do,” Sudi told Eldoret residents.

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The President on Thursday responded to Sudi and Emurua Dikirr Johana Ng’eno’s sentiments saying: “Wale watu washenzi wanaenda huko wakitukana mama yangu, waambieni wakatukane mama zao wachaane na mama yangu (the silly people insulting my mother, tell them to insult their mothers instead.”

Sudi also maintained that he will not be cowed into remaining silent on issues affecting the Kenyan people.

“We will not be cowed by intimidation but we shall continue with calls for a just society where all Kenyans are treated equally. The NCIC should not be selective in summoning those perceived as hate mongers,” he continued, as he warned against using the police to achieve an agenda.

Last night, the firebrand lawmaker claimed two police cars were outside his home and two other lorries full of police officers were in the town centre.

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He asked the head of the state to ensure that leaders involved in the massive loss of COVID-19 funds are arrested. Sudi took note of Jubilee party vice-chair David Murathe who was last week grilled by the EACC after a company to which he is a bank signatory was found to have received Sh4 billion.

“Let them not try to divert us from the Kemsa debate because we will speak out until the truth comes out. They have been telling us to wash our hands and stay at home yet Covid-19 is fake.  All they wanted was to steal from KEMSA,” said Sudi.

“I spoke out after they arrested my colleague Ng’eno but they should have first arrested the likes of David Murathe and all those corrupt people before going for the Emurua Dikir MP and others.”

He also claimed that there is a plot to eliminate some leaders but remained cagey about the details.


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