“We Will Destroy Jubilee Party Completely”, DP Ruto Ally Vows Ahead of Uhuru’s Return

Barely two days after Jubilee Party secretary-general Raphael Tuju threatened to bundled out Deputy President William Ruto out of the ruling party, Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Baraza has revealed plans to form a new party.

While addressing the press at his rural home, the lawmaker who is one of DP Ruto’s foot soldiers in Western Kenya, stated that it is only a matter of time before a mass exodus is witnessed in Jubilee party.

Baraza however threatened that they [DP’s allies] will not go down easy saying that they will completely destroy Jubilee party before joining a new political outfit.

“The hustler nation has formed over 45 new political parties which we are willing to surrender to William Ruto for him to realize his dream. It’s just a matter of time before we [DP Ruto’s allies] leave Jubilee to form a new party. But the difference between us joining a new political outfit is, we will never leave Jubilee the way it is. We will bring it down, we will destroy it completely. We can’t just leave like people who are getting married.”

“If we leave, we are going to leave behind not a shell, we will leave a garden with grass and natural trees. There will be no evidence that Jubilee ever existed. We are going to stop our monthly contributions and start channeling it else where.” Angry Didmus Baraza vowed.

Tuju in a televised press conference on Friday afternoon, September 2, stated that the Jubilee Party National Management Committee (NMC) had recommended to the NEC the removal of the self proclaimed hustler as the deputy party leader.

Tuju also barred DP Ruto from using the party’s headquarters saying that he will not be allowed to use the facility to advance his 2022 political campaigns.

The former Rariada MP described the DP’s visit at the party’s headquarters with his allies on Thursday as an “attempted power grab” adding that he his actions exhibited “arrogance, insolence and disrespect of President who is also the Jubilee Party Leader.”

“Yesterday, the DP turned up at the Party Headquarters with more than 30 MPs many of them known avowed abusers of the President. These are the same fowl mouthed MPs that are on record attacking government programs like the Huduma number.

“It is disturbing that the Deputy President invites this same retinue to the Party Headquarters to give them a platform to increase polarisation in the Party. Indeed, that move of inviting MPs allied to him almost created an ugly confrontation with close to 40 MPs not allied to him who also wanted to storm the headquarters,” said Tuju.

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