What Will Happen If Earth Stops Rotating For 1 Second Only And Then Resumes Again?

This question has been asked so many times. Many people know that our planet earth is rotating. They dont know why and how. They also dont know by what speed is the earth rotating. Have you ever thought what will happen if the rotation came to a stand still for a second or even forever? Well the answer is out there and has been explained by scientists across the world. Recently a scientist Syed Sadat Lecturer in Physics, Scientific Minds answered this question in Quora as follows.

Every object, along with earth is moving at about 1000 miles per hr or about 1600 kmph at equator. As higher the latitude, lesser the velocity.

We normally don’t feel this velocity as we don’t feel velocities. We feel changing velocities and velocity differences.

If earth stops in 1 s, objects near equator, if they need to remain in contact with the earth, will experience acceleration of about 50 times that due to gravity, eastwards.

This makes earth crust, stones, sand, water to be thrown with velocities as large with which one falls when dropped from a height of 10 km.

Space and the universe: Image courtesy of phys.org

Extreme collisions among all bodies, living and non living will kill most multicellular animals, including man. Inertia.

This will be the case, even if Newton hadn’t, discovered laws of motion. Due to friction, our pieces will stop. Almost all tall buildings will collapse.

If someone is standing with a support of strong steel frame, dug deep in earth, even he ( or she) dies due to 50 g compressive force.

One feels like he is pressed with a force equal to 50 times his own weight. Enough to convert your body into sauce. Even steel frame finally collapses due to horrible movements in earths crust.

Winds blow at about 1600 kmph, enough to break every tree and building. But most of the trees and buildings will fall before that as they tend to keep moving due to inertia.

Extreme pressure variations are produced, which normal animals cant bear. Then, Huge Tsunamis follow, with Oceans running towards land masses and completing the rest of the damage. Inertia again!

If earth were to stop permanently, slowly life would disappear from the earth due to extreme weather conditions. And our planet will be barren like most others in the solar system.

Hoping some micro organisms are thrown off the earth and are carried away to far space by radiation, life may restart elsewhere.

You can shoot all this from a satellite, but your life will have to end on the satellite or after you land on the earth. Shooting will go waste unless some Aliens visit our earth for a joy ride!

But if earth regains its speed, say in another 1 s, making our body pieces even smaller, then life will still exist on earth.

Most of the bacteria and cellular creatures would survive the catastrophe and will enjoy free life, with no interference from humans and other large creatures!

Few of you can shoot even all this from a satellite, come down on the earth can share big countries for yourself.

Marry your partner in the satellite and start Adam n Eve again! Eat whatever you can find until plants regrow.

You will have to be vegetarians for your life, else you can resort to literal cannibalism. Imagine early man!

Anyway, after millions years, again you will be cannibals, the way human beings are today, indirectly eating each other. Basic instincts.

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