Why Jubilee Party Pulled out of Msambweni Parliamentary By-Election

On Wednesday, Jubilee Party, through its Secretary-General Raphael Tuju announced that the party had pulled out of Msambweni constituency by Elections.

Announcing the news through a press statement released to the newsrooms, Tuju, who was for the better part of Wednesday morning held up in an inhouse meeting with other Jubilee officials at the party headquarters, gave a myriad of reasons as to why the party had pulled out.

DP Ruto arriving at Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani on Wednesday. Photo/Courtesy

According to the statement, despite receiving enquiries from potential candidates from the constituency, the party had decided not to field any candidate, owing to the recent advisory by the Chief Justice to Uhuru that parliament should be dissolved.

The party communicated that the country at the moment has serious constitutional matters and crisis to deal with hence decided not to engage in the by-election.


“Following consultations within the party, it has been decided that the Jubilee Party will not be fielding a candidate in the forthcoming constituency by-election…the decision not to engage in the contest is informed by the facts prevailing at the moment when we face challenges like the recent advisory by the Chief Justice that parliament should be dissolved,” read part of the statement.

Secondly, the party’s decision not to field a candidate was informed by the spirit of the handshake and the unprecedented corporation between Jubilee and ODM parties.

According to Jubilee, the Msambweni parliamentary seat was initially ODM’s owing to the fact that the late MP Hon Suleiman Ramadhani Dori was an ODM legislator.

“With the unprecedented corporation between Jubilee and ODM in parliament in the recent past on matters of national interests, and given that this was an ODM seat, the decision has been made that Jubilee will not field a candidate in the interest of the bigger picture,” read the statement.


According to Jubilee, the announcement was made earlier so that all the candidates who had interests in running using Jubilee party will have time to go shopping for other political vehicles.

The announcement comes barely a day after the DP made an impromptu visit to the party’s headquarters in Pangani on Tuesday for a planned meeting with Tuju.

It was reported that the DP met with Tuju, despite the SG declining the reports.

According to reports, DP William Ruto made its way to the Jubilee headquarters for a second day running, moments after Tuju had communicated the Jubilee party stand.

It however still remains unclear on what transpired during Ruto’s second return to the Pangani offices. Here are photos of the DP arriving for the meeting today;




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