Why Ruto, Tanga-tanga MPs Are Conspicuously Missing From Naivasha BBI Retreat – MP Kimunya

On Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga presided over the second day of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) consultative meeting in Naivasha.

Over 300 parliamentarians drawn from both the Senate and National Assembly attended the retreat but conspicuously missing from the meeting, was Deputy President William Ruto together with his Tanga-tanga brigade.

Speaking on Monday evening, the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Amos Kimunya asserted that the meeting was convened specifically for the MPs and Senators and not necessarily for all leaders where Ruto could have attended.

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MP Amos Kimunya shaking hands with DP William Ruto during a past event. Photo/File

Kimunya said Ruto could have instead chosen to accompany Uhuru to the meeting as part of the presidency but instead, he chose to stay away.

“This meeting was for the members of parliament and the DP is not part of it. Unless he came to accompany the president,” said Kimunya.

Asked on Why Raila was invited yet he was not part of the group, Kimunya stated that Raila is a principal within the BBI system, unlike the DP.

“Raila is a principal within the BBI system, so for him, he is coming through the BBI route…the DP is not within the BBI structures,” he added.

On why Tanga-tanga MPs were not invited, Kimunya claimed that some had indeed been invited and were in the meeting. He, however, communicated that the remaining ones will be invited to attend the next meeting due to the covid-19 restrictions were only 240 MPs was required.

“There are some Kieleweke and ODM MPs who are also not here because out of the 416 MPs, we had only 214 slots for this meeting, the remaining ones will come for the next meeting,” he stated.

The Majority Leader said most of the pro handshake MPs were invited first because they are the ones who had been very vocal and supportive of the BBI journey.

“We facilitated those people who are able to absorb things, discuss and then go without creating dysfunctions by creating heterogeneous groups that can come fighting on Kieleweke, Tanga-tanga things,” he said.

On whether the report will be amended or not, Kimunya said the decision does not recite with the MPs rather than other players in the BBI.

He said it will be upon the major stakeholders to give them further directions on whether they can amend or sell it the way it is.

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