Why The State is After Malala’s Life – Kipchumba Murkomen

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala on Sunday, September 13, sensationally claimed that his life was in danger as he accused the police officers with sniper rifles of always trailing him.

Speaking before the senate committee on Justice and Legal Affairs, Malala broke down in tears as he disclosed how five officers, whose motives remained unknown had been assigned to trail him.

And while weighing in on Malala’s miseries hours later, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen claimed that the Senator was being tracked after allegedly receiving some royalties from the state and voting against its stand on the new revenue allocation formula.

Murkomen claimed that the three, Malala, Lang’at and Lelengwe were paid by Uhuru and Raila but apparently ate the money and voted against what they were instructed.

The Ruto allied senator questioned why the government was bribing senators to vote in a certain direction and going after them when they decide otherwise.

“According to Mtu Fulani&?@RailaOdinga Govt paid Senators to vote for the their formulae. Apparently Malala,Lang’at&Lelegwe ate the money but didn’t vote with govt side.We are told Malala’s life is in danger because he owes the State.Why in the first place is govt bribing Senators?” posed Murkomen.

Malala had earlier today told the committee that he no longer feels safe walking on the streets of Kenya since he has had threats on his life.

“It is sad for me to walk around the streets of Kakamega and Kenya knowing that I am going to die the following day Mr. Chair. And the most painful thing Mr. Chair I see respectable leaders of this republic saying that I stage-managed my arrest, that I even sent the police a pin number,” cried Malala.

But on his part DCI boss, George Kinoti played down Malala’s sentiments, saying such reports were a work of fiction.

Senator Malala Comforts Murkomen With an Inspirational Bible Verse - Opera  News

He denied the reports of a police unit contracted to harm the DSenator Malala

“The Senator sent me a picture of five men who purportedly want to kill him. I do not recognize them as officers, but if they are existing, we are ready to do an ID parade,” he told the senators.

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