William Ruto doubles down on ODM over KEMSA scandal

William Ruto Doubles Down on ODM Over Corruption at KEMSA, Says The Opposition Party is Now ‘Stammering’

Deputy President William Ruto has doubled down on ODM to come clean on the corruption allegations facing Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) days after the Raila party took a different stand regarding the theft of covid-19 funds.

The unbowed DP who seems less concerned with setting on fire his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta now says that the corruption allegations at KEMSA are a ‘deplorable manifestation of the worst public vice’.

This is the second time in as many days that the DP has called out ODM and Raila in particular for their hypocritical corruption fight simply because this time round, Ruto’s name or those of his close allies were not mentioned in the heist.

Speaking to a congregation of pastors at his Karen residence, the DP did not mince words or hold anything back as he took Raila and the opposition party head-on.

“The stammering, staggering and flip-flopping is obviously a confirmation of thieves caught red-handed stealing from the sick, endangering the lives of the front line workers and robbing the dying.” said a fired up Ruto.

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Ruto questioned the motive of the ODM party in regard to the alleged theft of billions of shillings, saying that “it is clear that you, the owners and operators of the Corruption Laundromat are working overtime in your effort to ‘sanitise’ the Covid Billionaires”

He further wondered loudly the double standards of the opposition in the fight against

Raila Odinga to decide whether to be in government or opposition
Raila Odinga speaking at a past interview. Image/Nation Media Group

corruption now that his allies were not mentioned in the scandal after Raila in a statement on Monday said that a special audit should be carried out first.

“The perpetrators of this heist are lucky they do not carry the tag ‘Ruto allies’, otherwise they would have taken political responsibility, stepped aside, written statements, companies investigated, individuals arrested and hauled to court.  By now they would be arranging bail. But here we are, stuck at some audit.” added the DP.

On the insistence of a ‘special audit’ by the Raila party, Ruto said the glaring double standards were in plain sight for everyone to see.

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“What is the real motive of the ‘special audit’ and to be carried out by who-cover up? Why must ‘independent’ institutions wait for a special audit before they carry out their mandate?  My friends, your doublespeak is too loud for our ears. Your double standards are too glaring and obvious to our eyes,” said asserted.

The DP added that investigative bodies such as DCI, DPP and EACC should be allowed to operate independently and not at the behest of powerful individuals.

“The DCI, EACC and DPP are constitutionally independent institutions expected to work independently; never at the direction of any person or office and this must be the case even in this scenario. Where do they now find the power to direct independent institutions on what to do and how?”

Reports have it that there are powerful individuals in the ODM party directly benefitted from multi-million tenders at KEMSA.


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