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Woman Cries For Justice After Royal Mabati Refuses To Refund Ksh86K For Undelivered Goods

Royal Mabati Factory is once again on the spot for taking customers in circles after failing to deliver on their promises.

This is after a disappointed a member of the public wrote to the Kenyan Herald asking for her issue to be highlighted after six months of being taken into circles by the company.

The client by the name Emelda Mwau from Wundanyi, Taita Taveta County wrote to The Kenyan Herald editorial desk expressing her disappointment over Royal Mabati Mills’ failure to refund her Ksh86,000 despite the company promising to do so.

Mwau’s tribulations with the company started in July 28, 2020 after she made an order for iron sheets gauge worth Ksh511,550.

According to the woman, Royal Mabati Mills promised to deliver the goods within one week after she made the full payment which the company never honoured.

Her demands and follow-ups on the delivery of her goods fell on deaf ears until she decided to visit the company’s offices to demand for her money back a month later.

And after camping in the offices for hours, Mwau was given different items from the ones she had ordered which were costing Ksh86,000 less. Having waited for so long she accepted the products with a condition that the company refund her the balance.

She was then told to fill a refund form with a lady called Caroline in order to receive the Ksh86,000 balance within 90 days.

“I made an order for charcoal gray iron sheets gauge 28 in July 2020 and paid Ksh511,550 for them as per the cheque attached. They promised to deliver the iron sheets within one week but they never honoured their promise. A lady called Caro kept on taking us in circles with false promises after a month in August I visited their offices and demanded I will not leave without iron sheets or my money.”

“I spent almost 4hours and they told me they don’t have gauge 28 charcoal gay and the only option was either I take any other colour or I take gauge 30. Otherwise I have to waited for 90 days for me to get refund of my money. With the timber trusses getting spoilt I had no option but to take gauge 30 and as a result of change they were to refund me Ksh86,000. I completed the forms and they promised me to get my money within 90 days,” Mwau stated.

Four months later, Mwau said she has not received her money and her efforts to have her issue resolved have proved futile.

“It’s now over 6 months and the story is the same the cheque has not yet been signed. I was told to follow up with a guy called Isaac and the story is the same the cheque has not been signed.”

She also accused the company of hiring bloggers to frustrate her efforts to get justice on social media.

“Each time I put a comment on Facebook they delete it immediately and they have hired some people who comment on how good their company is,” she added.

This is not the first-time customers are complaining about Royal Mabati Mills failing to deliver goods or refunds money to their clients.

In October this year, the company was accused of duping its customers by accepting orders and payments for the items unavailable in their stores.

They accused the company of baiting them to make payments then issue a 60-day refund order which it doesn’t honour.

The company’s troubles began is said to have begun last year when CEO Moses Ikinya Kang’arua was taken to court for tax evasion charges. The CEO is said to have entered into a settlement agreement with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to pay the taxes owed to the government in installments.

A source told the Kenyan Herald that the CEO has resolved ‘duping’ clients in order to pay KRA hence the backlog of orders which the company cannot deliver.

“That is the reason clients are taken in circles because the company cannot afford to deliver promptly to customers as agreed.” the insider said.

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