Woman Rubbishes Claims Of Pumwani Hospital Nurse Helping Mother Deliver Outside The Facility

A woman has dispelled claims of a Pumwani Hospital nurse helping a mother deliver her baby outside the facility a week ago.

According to Christine Gakii, Pumwani doctors showed up well after she had helped the woman in question deliver her baby girl.

“The lady had come with her husband but was turned away by the guards at the gate. She fell down on the tarmac because of labour pains and that is when I stepped in as the husband rushed to seek medical help from the opposite hospital,” Gakii said.

It was after she had cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby in a shawl that the medics showed up, she added.

Pumwani Hospital
Women Stage Protests At Pumwani Hospital After Woman Gives Birth Outside the Facility. [Courtesy]
“She was crying out to me to help her give birth whether or not I’m a medical professional. I just asked her to push and that is when the baby came out.”

But according to Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director of Health Services, Josephine Kibaru Mbae, a Pumwani Hospital nurse ran to the woman’s aid and admitted her.

“The security guard denied the patient access to the premises in a very unfortunate incident before a nurse from the maternity ward was notified of the occurrence and rushed to the scene to assist in the delivery and admission to the maternity ward,” Mbae said on Saturday following protests at the facility and on social media.

Pumwani Hospital
Women Politicians At Pumwani Hospital. [Courtesy]
Women politicians rebuked the hospital management for locking out the woman who was in dire need of help.

Homa Bay Woman Representative Gladys Wanga rubbished the NMS apology and instead demanded that the hospital takes responsibility for the unfortunate incident.

“You cannot tell us that the security guards were acting out of their own volition. They must have been receiving instructions from someone and that is the one who should take responsibility,” Wanga said.

She was flanked by Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni wa Muchomba, Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda, Kisumu Women rep Rozaah Buyu, Nominated senator Inimah Getrude Musuruve and Nyeri deputy governor Caroline Karugu.

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