Yassin Juma Accuses Kenyan Gov’t Of Lying About Continued Stay In Ethiopia

Kenyan journalist Collins Juma alias Yassin Juma has accused the Kenyan government of lying about his continued stay in Ethiopia.

On Thursday, Kenyan officials said the freelance journalist had been declared free of COVID-19 but had opted to stay in Ethiopia with friends.

In a Facebook post, Juma has rubbished the claims.

According to Juma, he was packed and ready to return to Kenya when he was informed of a travel regulation restricting him from leaving Ethiopia.

“The regulations require that I spend 14 days in house isolation and be issued with a Covid-19 status certificate by the federal government upon completion.

“I was ready with my luggage to fly back home immediately after I left the health facility, only to be informed about this regulation. This was clearly communicated to the Kenya embassy upon my discharge from the health center,” wrote Juma.

Last week, the journalist who spent over two months in an Ethiopian prison was moved to a government isolation facility following government intervention.

“Kenya Embassy in Ethiopia has managed to assist Collins Juma Osemo alias Yassin Juma, Kenyan journalist arrested in Ethiopia, to move to government manage isolation facility after he tested positive to COVID-19 at Sostegna police station where he was held until yesterday,” Foreign Affairs ministry tweeted.

At the time of discharge, the journalist had completed the 14 day isolation period at Woreda 7 Health Centre.

Ethiopia’s guidelines dictate that all asymptomatic patients are deemed cured after 14 days of isolation.

He was arrested on July 3 while covering protests that erupted in Ethiopia’s Oromia region following the death of musician Hachalu Hundessa – an alleged activist for the Oromo ethnic group who was shot dead while driving in Adis Ababa.

Yassin was said to have been apprehended over his close ties with prominent Ethiopian media mogul Jawar Mohammed.

He was accused of crimes related to subverting authority and fueling violence.

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