You Are Either With us or Stay Aside, Ngunjiri Wambugu to Ruto Over Msambweni By-Election

A day after rumours emerged that the Deputy President William could be warming up for an independent candidate in the Msambweni parliamentary by-election, Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has warned the DP against going against the party’s decision.

Speaking on Friday afternoon in an interview with KTN TV, Ngunjiri insisted on the Jubilee party had made a decision not to field any candidate and that it was the duty of every loyal member to abide by it.

Defiance? Ruto hosts independent Msambweni candidate as Jubilee backs ODM aspirant
DP William Ruto meeting the independent candidate alongside Coast MPs. Photo/Courtesy

While observing it was Ruto’s freedom to support anybody, Ngunjiri added that his decision to go against the party and support an independent candidate was a clear sign of dishonesty and disrespect towards the party leader President Uhuru.

“Freedoms have responsibilities. He has the freedom to support anybody…but he is also the deputy party leader of the party that has decided it’s not going to field any candidate. I think he needs to balance his freedom and ask himself what message is he going to send out” he stated

Ruto wanted Jubilee party to contest in Msambweni by-election

He termed Ruto’s probable decision to support an independent candidate as the kind of conflict that has been making him seen as if he is fighting his party leader Uhuru Kenyatta.

Wambugu said Ruto should choose to either stand with the party’s decision or just stay aside and watch the unfolding from far, just the same way he (Ngunjiri) and the rest kept off Kibra by-election when Jubilee fielded a candidate against their wish.

“If he says he has agreed with the party’s decision and goes ahead to field another candidate, then that is dishonesty, he needs to be called out! You are either with us in Jubilee or you stay aside just the same way we did in Kibra by-election,” he added.

On finer reasons as to why Jubilee kept off Msambweni by-election, Wambugu stated that there was no need for the party to go into an election which they were nearly 100percent sure they were going to lose.

He added that the by-election was not going to impact much on the party’s position as the majority leader since they were already the majority in parliament.

According to him, there was no need to loose 70 ODM MPs who are already supporting Uhuru’s agenda in parliament at the expense of winning only one MP, whom he said was probably going to join the rest 70 in supporting Uhuru anyway.

“Whether we gain Msambweni or not, it doesn’t do much to change our numbers in the national assembly. We already have 70 ODM MPs supporting the president’s agenda, so why would you want to risk those 70 and gain 1 who in reality, will come and support Uhuru with the rest should he/she is elected on an ODM ticket? posed Wambugu.

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