You Are To Blame For Raised Political Tensions – Ex-CS Kiunjuri Tells Uhuru, Raila, Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy William Ruto and ODM leader Raila Odinga are to blame for flared political temperatures, former Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri has said.

Speaking in Kieni during his sister-in-law, Anne Wairimu’s burial, Kiunjuri said the three owed Kenyans an apology for the recent exchange of insults witnessed in the country in the past few weeks.

According to The Service Party of Kenya (TSP) leader, the buck stops with the three who instead of training guns at each other should give Kenyans the way forward.

“The buck now stops with the three of you. If we shall have peace, if you want to unite Kenyans and if you want this nonsense to come to an end, then Raila, Kenyatta and Ruto must apologise to the nation because you started it all,” he said.

He challenged the president to work with his deputy as he had promised when they first won the elections.

On matters the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Kiunjuri claimed it was Raila’s brain child and not Uhuru or Ruto.

He said that Kenyans should be given a chance to read the document and decide whether to vote for or against it.

The ex-minister did however note that Kenya did not need to hold a referendum that is likely to cost taxpayers Sh10 billion. Instead, he argued, the money should be channeled into issues affecting the common Kenyan.

Training his guns on Ruto and Raila, Kiunjuri wondered why the duo did not persuade senators allied to them to vote for the third revenue formula that has stalled.

The allocation debate has been called off for a record 10 times.

Senators are set to resume discussions next week as governors threaten to sponsor motion to dissolve the upper house.

Last week, governors said the delayed disbursement of funds has stalled county operations. They have threatened to shut down operations on September 17.

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