Zebra Gives Birth to a Donkey Foal in Lamu [PHOTO]

Residents at Moa village in Lamu County on Sunday witnessed a rare incident after a zebra gave birth to a cross-breed foal, half zebra and half donkey.

Confirming the incident, area Chief Abdi Bocha said that has been living with the zebra for the last one year.

The administrator told the Nation that the unusual foal had a sturdy body of donkey and striped legs of its zebra mother.

The zebra which strayed from Boni Forest has been grazing together with donkeys, cows, goats and sheep.

The chief stated that he took in the zebra after seeing it interacting well with his livestock.

“We decided not to chase it away. Yesterday, it gave birth to a young one that is half zebra and half donkey. Everyone here is fascinated by the young creature,” the area chief said.

The residents have since contacted Kenya Wildlife officials in the area about the rare incident.

Lamu County Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Senior Warden Mathias Mwavita on receiving the news encouraged locals to welcome stray wild animals that are not harmful.

Mwavita also stated that similar cases of zebras giving birth to half-donkeys, half-zebras have been witnessed in the past in Maralal.

“We’ve heard people branding the rare crossbreed names such as zonkeys or zadonkeys. I encourage citizens to entertain wild animals that are not harmful to their homes, particularly the zebras.”

“There’s high competition in terms of animal habitat in Lamu and that’s why I encourage people to be welcoming those animals. I am sure the zebra fled from danger of being eaten by lions and other predators,” he said.

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